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Non profit grants for not for profit organizations

US federal government encourages not for profit organizations to come forward and take active part in nation building with the government. US federal government as earmarked funds for non profit grants for non-government organizations working in social sector. Also the US federal government allocates funds to state governments that the state authorities can distribute between Read more about Non profit grants for not for profit organizations[…]

What Is 501 (C) Federal Exemption For Non Profit Organization?

The nonprofit organizations or not-for profit organizations are exempted from a few federal income taxes; like Religious Corporation, Educational, Charitable, Scientific, Literary, Testing for Public Safety, to Foster National or International Amateur Sports Competition or Prevention of Cruelty to Children or Animals Organizations and not-for profit organization can take pleasure of this facility.According to the Read more about What Is 501 (C) Federal Exemption For Non Profit Organization?[…]

Grants For Non-Profit Organizations

There are many different jobs in non profit organizations, but anyone who has worked at any level knows how important grant applications are. Funds for non profits are notoriously unreliable. Some years, if there is a president who is friendly towards charitable work, research, and other socially beneficial programs, grants for non profit organization are Read more about Grants For Non-Profit Organizations[…]

Measuring Non Profit Efficiency: The Statement of Functional Expense

Accounting provides some measure of a firm’s economic efficiency on its income statement. A large net income usually tells us that something has gone right, while a large loss indicates that something is amiss. The same cannot be said about a non profit’s income statements (usually called the Statements of Revenue and Expense). Since the Read more about Measuring Non Profit Efficiency: The Statement of Functional Expense[…]

5 Outsourcing Ideas to Help You Start a Non-Profit

When you’re starting a non-profit, nothing comes easy. Non-profit administration tasks like accounting, web maintenance, and event planning seem to rule your day. You’ve got a mountain of email to respond to. You need to finish accounting for the donations raised that week. You need to focus time on your advocacy goals you set for Read more about 5 Outsourcing Ideas to Help You Start a Non-Profit[…]

Types and Sources of Non Profit Fundraising

Non profit fundraising is the process of soliciting and collecting funds for a cause. This is done by non profit organizations who advocate causes which are mostly concerns shared by the general public.You can hold events and programs which work towards achieving your non profit fundraising goals. These events range in their nature, the cause Read more about Types and Sources of Non Profit Fundraising[…]

Practical Tax Advices For Non-Profit Organizations

Are non-profit organizations exempted from taxes? Are they required by the government to pay mandatory taxes? To know more about it, read this article below. Most often, people get confused as to the difference of “for profit” and “non-profit” organizations and payment of taxes for these companies and organizations. Sometimes, they even mistakenly identified for Read more about Practical Tax Advices For Non-Profit Organizations[…]