US federal government encourages not for profit organizations to come forward and take active part in nation building with the government. US federal government as earmarked funds for non profit grants for non-government organizations working in social sector. Also the US federal government allocates funds to state governments that the state authorities can distribute between various not for profit groups. Non-government organizations run schools for poor, provide free medicines to destitute and construct homes for homeless. These organizations also work in eradication of social evils like making a drug free society. They need money that they can get from grants.

Government can’t undertake development work in every nook and corner. It needs help from every quarter so that it can help its citizens raise their living standard and build an ideal society. Non-government organizations are groups that work for the betterment of the minorities and ethnic races that have left behind from the mainstream society. These groups provide basic education to the minority children and help their women to become self sufficient. These organizations require fund for doing social work and they get plenty of money from various government and private sources. Non profit grants are a real help to non-government organizations and the society at large.

Social work is the responsibility of every citizen and the good thing is that some enlightened citizens have formed groups to work for the betterment of the society. They collect funds from various sources for different social works like educating poor children and teaching them good manners. These groups also pursue drug traffickers to abandon illegal activities and join their brothers and sisters in the mainstream society. They organize drug free camps for drug addicts and alcoholics and help them in stop taking drugs. These groups require fund and their work shouldn’t be hampered for want of funds. They can look for non profit grants from US federal government and private foundations.

Some citizens need help as they are unable to do things on their own. People with special abilities find it very difficult to adjust with normal people hence hey hesitate in joining the mainstream society. These people may possess extraordinary learning abilities or other specialties beneficial for the society. Citizens with special abilities get equal opportunities but they need a helping hand to take advantage of the opportunities. There are non-government organizations that help citizens with special abilities. If you are running a not for profit group and you require fund for your programs then you can turn to US federal government and private foundations for non profit grants.